Private Wealth France Forum | Intervention de Laurent de Swarte

Laurent de Swarte était convié ce mercredi 12 septembre à prendre la parole dans le panel « Le nouveau family office ? » du Private Wealth France Forum 2018.

The Private Wealth France Forum is designed to bring together capital allocators and wealth managers from France, Monaco, and beyond for a day of networking and knowledge share. Our agenda will cover asset allocation, alternative investing, growing and passing on personal wealth as well as regulatory compliance and the current state of the financial marketplace and global economy.

Panel « The new family office ? » An increasing globalization is seeing family offices opening in emerging markets, while technological progress is changing the ways in which they operate. Additionally, as the number of ultra-high-net-worth families proliferates, so too does the number of single and multi-family offices. With this increase occurring on a global scale, there comes inevitably a shift in the mindset and attitudes of succeeding generations -Gen X and millennials will indeed control over 30 trillion in assets by 2020, which is over half of investable assets worldwide. Our panelists will discuss the adjustments and modifications “old generation” family offices will have to make in order to meet the needs of both evolving markets and the generations to come.

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